Blooming in japan

Rebecca Brignoni. This gallery contains a glimpse of some of the beautiful pieces of art with natural florals, women, and wildlife. Starting from the early Edo period and continuing on to the 20th century, these pieces have a timeless theme of natural beauty. In these paintings there are organic lines and shapes, adding to the peacefulness. The mood and color schemes of the works are similar. 

Here we see brightly colored peonies, and branches of cherry blossoms peeking from behind. Birds are perched upon the branches, relaxed. Organic shapes and lines make up this painting.
A branch of blooming cherry blossoms. There is soft, organic detail in the blossoms and branches, there are no harsh or dark lines present. The colors are neutral.
A cat sleeping underneath a plum blossom tree on an early spring morning. The cats eyes are closed bathing in the warm sun under the tree. The diluted inks that make up the tree are soft.
Princess Konohanasakuya (Goddess in ancient Japan) peacefully sitting under a cherry blossom tree in a field of flowers and greenery. Organic shapes and lines are present. The colors set a calm mood.
A pale pink peony in bloom with two buds preparing to open. A bird is sitting on a branch next to the bloomed peony. The soft petals and colors in the flower are pure and calm as so the small bird.
A white fox sitting underneath white moonflowers on a hazy summers eve. The misty affect adds to the softness of the piece and the white fox compliments the white, pure moonflowers.
A maple tree stretching over the sea with clouds in the background. They organic lines in the tree create a relaxed mood, as do the organic shapes making up the sea and the clouds.
A Japanese woman dressed in a traditional kimono holding irises. The soft lines that form the woman and the organic shapes on her kimono, and the iris create a serene atmosphere.
A peach tree branch with three ripe peaches hanging from it. The lines here are a little bit harder compared to the other paintings in this collection, however they are still organic.
A cherry blossom tree at night with two trees in the background and light coming from beneath them. This composition, darker in color from the others in the collection, has organic shapes and lines.
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