Gallary of seasons

this art project is beautiful with alot of designs
there is a sky
there is alotta green land
its in the ocean
they is a bird in the nature
there is people in nature
lot of grass land
theres a tree
this reminds me of any season
reminds me of summer
this looks like a cold day
this one looks like a stormy rainy horrible day
it looks like summer fall or spring with a bright tree
it looks like winter cause it looks stormy
it looks bright out side
this looks like a season besides fall cuz they are drawing/ writing a stiory/picture under a tree
this looks kind of like summer beacause the water looks good and fresh
this looks like winter cause this looks like a big storm
this looks like summer cuz the trees are bright and thrse is a girl bathing in the water?.
this looks likefall cause because there is yellow and orange leaves
this looks like its summer and every ones out side exploring
it looks dim and cold outside
i picked this one because theres people in a boat in a lake, stream, river and in the backround there is a little city and sometimes people go fishing in certain seasons
i picked this one because some people go fishing in the ocean in the summer, spring, or fall
i picked this one because it looks cloudy outside
Credits: All media
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