Works of different types and styles that have children of varying ages and cultures in them or have to do with children's lives in some way.

This painting is an example of fine art. The fact that it is a watercolor immediately caught my eye. I love the way colors look in watercolor paintings and the blurred effect that it creates.
Another example of fine art. The technique used in this photograph, hand coloring, intrigued me and drew me to it. I love how the background is blurred to make the hand colored clothing stand out.
An example of fine art photography. I was attracted by the crispness and clarity of this black and white photograph. I love how we are able to see and almost feel the concentration in their faces.
An example of craft. I am amazed by the beautiful detail in this Native American girl's dress. The beading, fringe and workmanship really give insight into the culture.
An example of fine art. I have always loved this painting by Renoir for the innocence and warmth that it conveys. I love the detail in the girl's face, such as her rosy cheeks and sparkling blue eyes.
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