Greek History Museum (Bronze Age - Classical Period)

Zach Leander

This Cycladic marble palate was mostly used for crushing pigments. Being marble it shows that trade was taking place, and by the unique design and shape it shows that these people were very crafty.
Vase from early Greece, showing an outstanding image of Nymphe, the protectress of marriage.
Diagram of Mycenaean burial larnax. People were very respectful of the dead, especially if they had wealth.
Bronze Corinthian helmet that was used throughout antiquity. Shows development and importance of battle.
Legal documentation of laws engraved on stone. Shows the importance of a writing system.
Stone image of Poseidon, Apollo, and Aphrodite. People at this time were polytheistic and this shows how valued they're Gods were.
View of the very powerful and respected, Athens. This image makes Athens seem 'heaven-like'
This Sceptre is a symbol of power. All rulers carry some sort of staff to signify their power. Throughout all of Ancient Greece we see new leaders arise weather that meaning people wise or country.
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