art project

All of these works that I have chosen are very different yet classic and historic in my eyes. I like art that has a significant amount of history involved in it.

wool, silk medium I like this because it is so classic yet used with an interesting medium. It looks like paint almost yet it is not. I appreciate the specific skill that went into making this.
oil on canvas. by monet This is such a real piece to me. I am amazed at how he captured what the eyes see so well. Yet, there is still a creative almost cartoon way about it.
2 artists. on actual wall This doubles as art and architecture. I think the skill needed to create this is amazing. In a day where everything is made so fast and rigid, this art work reminds me that the beauty comes with time and patience.
unknown artist. 520 b.c. partially preserved. This piece just amazes me because I cannot even begin to think how they began this art. The fact that it is partially preserved and missing a couple legs adds to its mystery and appeal to me. It is more than a dog to me.
Credits: All media
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