Action In Design.

A gallery containing multiple works from multiple styles of art showing motion and drama through implied lines and other techniques.

Rodin's "Andrieu dAndres" is a great example of action in design. The Drapery and pose create crisscrossing lines that help to add the mood.
'Spring' by John La Farge used detail and a calm contrapposto figure to create a scene full of movement and color.
This paintings composition helps create the illusion of action using line to direct your eye towards the pile of hay about to be moved.
This chaotic and mesmerizing piece by Wolfgang Lettl keeps your eyes moving using shape and line to draw your eyes up and down the staircases.
Everything about "Dance to the Sun" by Diego Rivera screams movement and fluidity. Your eyes are drawn up and down the canvas by arching and bending shapes.
This drawing by Annibale Carracci of a figure in motion is an excellent example of using depth and shading to indicate volume as-well as action.
This Mattis is a wonderful example of action in design through the use of line and color to set the mood.
Vincent van Gogh is a master of impressionism and in this painting his composition is set up so that the sky seems to be fluid and draws your eye across the scene.
Frank Hinder's "Bomber crash" is very geometric and abstract but the smoke seems be swirling upward through the use of action lines.
This metal sculpture of 2 wrestlers by Massimiliano Soldani-Benzi has great use of action by showing expression as-well as 2 very dynamic poses.
More grim but beautiful none the less. Carlo Crivelli's painting of a dead christ shows weight and drama through the use of line and combined action lines.
Credits: All media
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