Texture of the universe

Cash Kostka

The craters and shading on the picture make the surface of the moon look very believable.
The shape and detail of the wood in the picture make for a very interesting arrangement for the structure of the face.
While not colored, the shading and shape of the clothing, objects and people make for a very detailed drawing.
The dress and sofa of the lady both are detailed in a way that you can almost feel the objects.
While the texture of the dress is underwhelming at best, the texture of the marble is truly incredible.
I discovered many paintings like this, and like this one the detail of the flowers are very well done.
The detail of all the objects in the photo make for a scene that has it's own uniqueness about it.
Every single pedal in this painting shows not only incredible talent but incredible patience.
There are so many little things about this, it's very difficult to pick one thing in particular from this painting but it is all just very pretty.
Books, books, books, all of these books have some great detail to them.
The quality of this painting show incredible detail, not so much to the detail of the flowers themselves but instead, the leaves and stems of the flowers instead.
A strange painting for sure, but it's uniqueness shows the artist's ability to create his own rules for the world he created.
The detail isn't astounding, nor impressive but it is pretty neat the see the varying textures.
The textures of the animals and objects the painting has is very impressive.
Probably my favorite of all the paintings, it just shows all aspects of texture that I enjoy. Not only that it is just pretty.
Credits: All media
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