Parachute Patch

Parachute Patch is a collection of art that gives you the realization that the world is still good. Life can sometimes feel like an everlasting fall with a parachute without a whole, this gallery is full of those life patches. 

Flaura and fauna of the afterlife shows that even the end can be bright, Filled with pops of colors of morbid imagery. Abstract.
The poster is from the 1920s, where magicicans and circuses were the main form of entertainment. Filled with small details of what a dream world is like how the the magician will create it.
Beautiful depiction f the love of music and a simplier time. Realistic and soft with the colors.
Quirky piece using a paint can to symbolize a realistic character. Giving life to media of the paint can. Clever and adorable.
A picture of the American Ballet. The beautiful lines of the dancers are similar to the lines or strokes a painter would make.
Interesting picture of a country music legend. For some reason you can feel his mood and joy through this photograph
Really cool abstract piece from the Open Door exhibit from Houston displaying "urban trees" in an office space.
I love the title of this piece, a word about tommororw implies the girl has good news and its displayed so colorfully.
One of my favorite pieces in my collection is a sculpture. It looks as if Ariel from little Mermaid has taken all of her belongings and made a chandelier, very intricate
This is really cool panel from the open door project from a different artist. So colorful and very abstract
Credits: All media
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