Pompon Posies

A representation of the use of flowers in all mediums.

The painting Water Lilies by Claude Monet depicts groups of lilies lying on the surface of a pond or lake. The piece consists of beautiful, peaceful colors such as various shades of purple, blue, green, yellow and red. I chose to include Water Lilies in my gallery because it includes flowers and is also quite famous and well known around the world.
John Leongard's photograph from the LIFE Photo Collection depicts the shadow of a person presenting flowers at someones memorial site. This picture is among my favorites because it shows a way in which we use flowers that is not normally brought out in artwork, in such a heartbreaking yet breathtaking way.
Flower Power is a graffiti piece created by Icy and Sot. The painting depicts a young boy, sitting cross-legged writing in a book, with bright big flowers emerging from the pages. Although the boy in portrayed in black and white, the flowers are painted using brilliant, vibrant colors. I chose this piece because I thought it was unique and I love the way the painting lies on a tall, rustic, brick building.
In 1996, Gap Chul Lee captured Girls with Flowers on Their Heads. This photo depicts three young girls standing in a field with bunches of flowers atop their heads. The girls look to be wearing dresses as well. Which reminds me of the flower girl in a wedding ceremony. The girls are faced back-towards the camera, with their bodies lined up in a row facing a hillside/mountainside.
Here we have Twenty Shadows. A quite interesting painting done by Set Byul Li. The piece resembles a man (who looks very similar to John Lennon) with large blossoms for eyes. Behind the man lies a gorgeous sunset. He also has his hair parted down the middle, flowing onto his shoulder tops with his lips pursed. While searching for pieces to add to my gallery, I stubbled upon this gem. It definitely made me step back and think about what the artist was trying to say through this piece. All I could think of was "I can't see."
Red Flowers, yet another alluring painting. This one was composed by K.H. Ara in 1961. The painting consists of dark black lines employed to create the vase and outline along with a diminutive amount of color used for the flowers. The piece brings together fanciness and sloppiness. Which is why I am so in love with it and decided it would be a perfect addition to my gallery.
Fruits, Flowers by Jeonghwa Choi is on display at the Korean Art Museum. This work is more physical then most of the pieces in my gallery which made it a crucial addition. I love the long bright colors flowing through the trees.
In 1780, the artist Luo Ping inked the Flowering Plum. This is the only ink piece in my gallery. It is also the first ink artwork I have ever reviewed in depth. I like the darkness and thickness of the branch in contrast with the lighter more delicate flowers. I wish I could read the writing on the side of the piece.
Flower Horse, another beautiful piece by Jeonghwa Choi. It is also on display at the Korean art museum. It really amazes me how the sculpture does in fact depict that of a horse. I enjoy the vibrant colors chosen for the flowers and the placement of each one individually. Also, love the pose that the horse is positioned in. Shows great power and strength along with defense.
Moment the Flower Falls was created by Boc Su Jung during sometime between the years 2008 and 2011. It is a very intriguing piece, displaying both paint and sculpture. I wonder where the inspiration for this piece came from. The image depicts two figures outlined in black, covered and surrounded by flowers of various colors. In front lies a sculpture of a mans head atop a black pedestal. I felt that this piece was crucial to my gallery, considering its uniqueness.
Credits: All media
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