Hiding Behind SOcial Media

With so much technology constantly available to us on the go, we often find ourselves interacting with people online instead of those around us. We can pretend we are fine even when we are falling apart.

This is a perfect example of how kids should be interacting at a young age. Instead, they are playing on tablets, computers, or watching TV.
This is traditionally what we think the bedroom of a child to look like, filled with books and other simple entertainment. Today, however, childrens' rooms are often filled with electronics.
This picture is of a young woman modeling new clothes, probably not by her choice. She is portraying the media's idea of beauty, shaming girls that do not look the same as her.
This is an example of a painting of a very beautiful woman, but there is pain visible in her eyes. Even though to most she may appear that she has everything she needs, but in reality, she needs help.
This image pictures a two-headed dog, which to me, represents the two different sides that there are of all people, the way they act around others and the way they act on their own.
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