olympus and tartarus - Zachary Newman

This gallery includes artwork of the Greek gods, Zeus and Hades, in paintings, sculptures, and etc. Zeus and Hades, the one who is the king of Olympus and the brother who was cast down and is the king of Tartarus. 

Zeus is the god of thunder, striking down anyone in his wrath. In this image we see a statue of Zeus holding a thunderbolt like he is about to throw it. As if he is about to let wrath upon some one, most likely any one who has made him mad.
Here we see Zeus on his throne in Olympus holding his hand up, but its missing so you don’t really know why he is holding his hand up, he could be holding a meeting with the gods or he could be holding a lightning bolt in his hand to strike it down.
Here is another statue of Zeus or a bust of him or of what someone thought he looked like, it could be what he looked like, nobody knows. In this bust he has a look on his face as if he is high and mighty, which he is because he is a god.
Zeus was also known as the sky god being able to control the weather, but he was more known for his ability to throw lightning, most of the time using it as a weapon, as shown in this image of the statue as if he was getting ready throw a lightning bolt.
Here is the Roman equivalent of Zeus where he is also holding yet again a lightning bolt what he was most known for that is why a lot of art has him holding a lightning bolt. In this one he looks angry and is getting ready to throw the bolt.
Here is the Roman equivalent of Hades, Pluto, also know as the king of the underworld Tartarus after he was casted down by his brother Zeus. Many people believe that he was not a bad guy that he only had bad luck which forced him to rule over the underworld.
The majority believe that Hades was casted down because he tried to overthrow Zeus and take the throne for himself and rule over Olympus and in turn got sent to the underworld to rule instead, as shown in this painting, from what it looks like them leaving Hades in the underworld to rule.
Hades believed the mortals were meant to be ruled rather than observed by the gods. He often rode a chariot pulled by four black horses. Hades would often partake in affairs which were considered to be evil. That is what is happening in this piece, Hades riding his chariot taking a mortal woman with the intentions of raping her.
This image is a statue of the Roman god Pluto also known as Hades in Greek mythology. Here we see a statue version of the previous painting, of him taking a mortal woman stepping over a another woman, and the woman is trying to get free and the other trying to stop him.
Here is another painting of Hades standing holding his staff upside down leaning on it with his three headed dog more commonly known as Cerberus and is normally a lot bigger, it guards the gates of the underworld, but instead Cerberus is next to him guarding him or taking it for a walk.
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