Angela Santana Gallery

Works of Art for Art 101 - SBCC.  Although very different, each of these three pieces made me think of something beyond here and now.  Each in it's own way seemed to point to something beyond, suggesting to the audience to look further than the artwork and allow it to look into themselves as well.

A seemingly simple painting at first, the window seems to indicate the path to something else - the train alluding to a different destination and perhaps even a grander destiny away from the ordinary.
This mural that was painted in Mexico City is an urban and modern depiction of the hand of God reachiing out to Adam, but seems to allude to the presence of God, even in the most dismal of places.
An amazing sculpture made of straws and glass - this work uses the light and colors around and behind it. Gives a feeling of ethereal presence and highlights the connection between man and nature.
Credits: All media
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