I'm not sure why when I write "**", it appears as **. But anyways, when you see **, it means "**".

This caught my attention because it had a lot of details. This was labeled early spring so that also got my attention since it was nature. This has a lot of details. It looks like a very dark scene, which is very ironic since the title is labeled spring. This looks like a huge tree with its reflection in a lake.
This looks like a tsunami to me because it's bigger than the mountain. It's making the mountain look like a tiny boat. This caught my attention because I was looking through a museum from Japan and everything was sculpture and clothes. This was the a very cartoon-ish piece and it caught my attention from the more real looking pieces.
This is a really calming piece. Mountains are suppose to be very intimidating and scary looking. But this artist made it look like a tree. Like it's very calm and peaceful. The moon in the top is very eerie and it looks so lonely ** there all alone.
This caught my attention because of the whiteness. It was really bright and it caught my attention. I wonder what this is made of because it looks like plastic boxes. I like how this picture was taken behind a white wall because that added to the cool affect of this piece. If it was another color, then the affect would have been different. This reminds me of stacking up cards so that there would be a building or a pyramid. Overall I think this is a cool and interesting piece.
This piece caught my attention because it was a huge chunk of a calm color and it also has a reflection. The reflection looks really cool and the trees don't even match with it. The trees also looked very weird and combined. Like a little kid with a crayon with that same exact color colored over it to combine the whole forest. Overall this was a interesting piece.
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