Principles of Art

Unity is defined by the group of people's color grouping them together by the use of darker less bold colors. Shape also unifies them as they are all simple shapes in on region.
Contrast is created in this painting through color as the woman is painted in softer colors like white and grey. The fire below her is contrasting her as it is made from anger colors like red.
Repetition in the golden shape can be seen through the texture as it is being repeated along the way down. Line also provides repetition as curves and continuous lines are use repeatedly.
Proportion is in the painting by space. The river divides the two forests from each other to put balance on each of the sides. Shape shows proportion as the trees shrink the farther away they are.
Movement is provided through lines. The road thins out in the back and widens in the front to show movement forward as if it would move past you.
Emphasis is seen through color as white, tan,black, and red are used on the men in the front to show warmth to stand out. As blue and green are used in the back for a simple scenery.
Balance is provided through space as the castle and giant ship in the picture sway weight onto both the right and left sides by being far apart. The castle on the right and ship on the left.
Credits: All media
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