By Sam Davis

-The little boy doesn't have shoes -The other children are giving him money -The other children have nicer things then the boy
-The person is living at the junk yard -Doesnt have clean clothes -making use of what he has
-The kid doesnt have fancy stuff like the lady -has to do the jobs other people don't want to do -The lady is giving the kid money.
- People are on the streets - lady is counting the money she has - riots
-The woman is trying to support her family -noone is buying stuff from her -has large family all trying to help sell the flowers
-Lady is living on the street -Only has a bag full of stuff she is living off of -sharing her food with the stray cats.
-man sleeping outside -has to fend off the wild animals -has nowhere safe to go
-man asking for help -men are embracing him from church -doesnt have nice clothes
-people are traveling with bag -people have no home -supporting each other
-People on the street -suppoting family -trying to make it by selling flowers
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