Biden's Gallery

I love the smokey use of value to create the feeling of clouds
The high contrast colors make for an eye-popping image
beautiful stained glass effects
a perfect felling of balance
Even neutral colors can be interesting
The subtle complimentary colors make this image lively
The clouds are an interesting way to create depth/space in an images
The repeated flowers create changing rhythms
Beautiful graphic design with a balance of word and image
The rich colors and brushwork made me almost miss the women's faces
The realism is spectacular and the feeling of isolation is strong
Approximate symmetry creates the calming effect
I love how the negative space is as interesting as the positive space
High contrast values and free-form lines create the drama
Line used to create value and detail caught my eye
I love how the compliment of red makes the shadows pop
The detailed rhythms are easy to see because of the monochromatic color scheme
The contrast of this painting are what attracted me. Especially the huge blank sky compared to the dark knarled foreground
Not my most favorite, but I still love how he uses lines and shapes in his non-objective woks
I've never seen this one before! The simplified shapes, values and rhythms are what I love most
I'm a sucker for detail and drama through contrast
The shallow space and the symbolism of this self-portrait make you deal with the subject with no escapes
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