Wood Art

Using chisels the artist was able to remove the background wood and leave a detailed fox with textured fur
Usually a traditional African mask is made by an Adze and a sacrifice was made before the tree was cut down to respect the spirit in the tree. 
Traditionally totem poles were made by master carves in Indian tribes. After picking out a tree the carver smooths out the tree by debarking it. Once no imperfections are found a rough sketch is drawn on the tree. Working from the bottom up, the artist begins carving the shape which will take 2-9 months depending on the size.
Wood shoes were made one shoe at a time by a shoe maker and would range in price from $.75 to $2.00. Straw was inserted in the shoes to provide warmth and cushion.
When craving such detail into wood the artist will use many tools such as chisels and gouges to provide precision. 
Wooden shields made from debarking trees and painting designs helped bring power and protection to the early settlers in Australia.
Tribes in Australia would carve out unique items from trees often from sharpened rocks.
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