St. Michael through the years

This is a gallery of the very same subject matter. However it explores the different uses of iconography, style and meaning. Yes, St Michael is doing virtually the same thing in each piece, but this similarity of action allows for a greater comparison of the artists style, iconography and meaning. Three of these pieces are virtually the same painting, except that they are painted by different people at different times. it easy to see how these painters were influenced by their peers and predecessors. For example The Divine Eros was obviously a heavy influence for the St. Michael painted by Fa Presto.

This Piece is the most different depiction of St. Michael in this gallery. It allows for depth in the gallery.
This piece shows one of the earliest uses of St. Michael crushing the Devil beneath his foot.
The Iconography used in this painting is less known. It shows the different ways that artists tried to paint the same subject differently.
This painting is of a completely different subject matter, however it is almost mimicked later by Fa Presto.
The dynamism in this painting is very similar to the dynamism displayed in The Divine Eros.
A practical mimicry of Giovanni Baglione, this painting at the very least pays homage to Baglione.
Credits: All media
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