A Christmas Carol

"If they would rather die...They had better do it, and decrease the surplus population." (Stave I, Dickens, A Christmas Carol). This picture shows two men who are in poverty, much like the people Scrooge refuses not only to help, but to even acknowledge as worthy of life.
"witness what it cannot share, but might have shared on earth, and turned to happiness." (Stave I, Dickens, A Christmas Carol). This picture shows a women who was given money, which represents what Marley could have done when he was alive.
"Would you so soon put out, with worldly hands, the light I give? Is it not enough that you are one of those whose passions made this cap, and force me through whole trains of years, to wear it low upon my brow!" (Stave II, Dickens, A Christmas Carol). The Ghost of Christmas past was meant to represent a candle, or the light of truth. Scrooge is one of the people who ignores the truth and welfare of others (like the poor) for his own selfish desires.
"though Scrooge pressed it down with all his force, he could not hide the light." (Stave II, Dickens, A Christmas Carol). When scrooge tried to extinguish the spirits light, he could not, because it represented the light of truth. Much like the sun.
"God bless us, everyone." (Stave III, Dickens, A Christmas Carol). This shows the poverty these people are in, much like the poverty tiny Tim is in, and yet he is still selfless enough to wish the world happiness.
"To hear the insect of the leaf pronouncing on the too much life among his hungry brothers in the dust." (Stave III, Dickens, A Christmas Carol). Scrooge had written off the poor as irrelevant to his life before knowing the state of the people he had been ignoring. This picture shows both the poor and the wealthy.
"They left the busy scene, and went into an obscure part of the town, where Scrooge had never penetrated before, although he recognized its situation, and its bad repute." (Stave IV, Dickens, A Christmas Carol). They went to the poor part of town, like what is shown in this picture.
"I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." (Stave IV, Dickens, A Christmas Carol). Scrooge says this, meaning that he will be charitable to others. This painting shows charity, much like what Scrooge is convinced he we do to help others.
"I'll raise your salary, and endeavor to assist your struggling family" (Stave V, Dickens, A Christmas Carol). This picture shows a poor family, much like the Cratchit family, who Scrooge is determined to help after the spirits visit him.
"His own heart laughed; and that was quite enough for him." (Stave V, Dickens, A Christmas Carol). Scrooge found that he was happy with his life after he changed his awful ways, just like this girl.
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