color blending

Jasmine Lopez

I like this picture because I love how all the colors blend together. Also, I like how it look all 3-D and how they randomly put different colors in each of the cubes.
I really like this because of the colors red and black which is my favorite two colors. Also, I love the splat that they did on this like it looks like they just splatted it on there came out nice.
I like the graffiti that is in there because it covers like all the wall. Also, the two colors just mix so great which I love, it makes the graffiti stand out.
I like how the colors in the painting are so plain and simple. I love how they blended the mountains which is hard to do but the blending came out really great.
I liked the blue and the yellow they mixed together through out the painting. I love how the painting looks so dark and how it makes all the colors look good together.
I love how they put the whole thing in a building which looks really cool. I love the abstract because it makes you really look at it to see what it is.
I love this picture because well I just love New York and love how they made this. I love the how this mixed all these colors together to make it look like New York, they did not make it plain.
This painting is so cool because it's really a picture of nothing but it looks cool at the same time. I love how you can draw just some abstract line and it comes out to this beautiful painting.
The colors in this painting blends deeply into everything in the painting. I love how the colors make the person flow in the picture, it looks like she is floating in air.
First i just love nature so this image i fell in love with it. It kinda looks like it was taken and then painted and I love how they put the exact same colors as the image they took.
Love black and white paintings they always catch my eye. The colors always have a meaning in every painting I have seen.
I love the sky in this picture, I like how he put different blues to make it looks more like real clouds. Also, how he puts different kinds of colors into each object and blends them in.
This painting really reminds me of halloween in a way because of the colors. This reminds me of a an elementary kid doing it and it still became a famous painting.
I love the abstract in this because you can't even tell that it's New York. I loved how he used different colors to represent New York since New York is always full of colors.
The colors are pure and you can see everything in the painting clear. You can understand the different colors that he put in each of the objects in the painting.
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