AUTUMN Artwork

Artwork of the beautiful fall season, that displays the change from summer to fall. Autumn trees are a colorful addition to the world. When the leaves fall they serve as a fun play toy to young kids as they rake the leaves together into a large pile. We chose this season in particular because leaves have so many purposes, and this season show the leaves at their most beautiful!                                                                                                                         By:Zoe & Zoë 

Golden Autumn, Slobodka It was made in 1889. The painting displays a rural town with trees that have yellow, brown, and orange leaves. There are houses and that’s it. Isaac Levitan, the artist, was a Russian landscape artist. He was born in 1860 and died in 1900. There are muted colors and light brushstrokes.
Houses at Bougival (Autumn) It was made in 1870, and the artist was Camille Pissarro. The painting was made in France. Two people, one is small and one is a mother, are walking on a path through some trees, going toward their house. There are very dull colors and lots of texture and form
Autumn Landscape Study It was created in the U.S. It’s a vase that is decorated with a landscape painting of a red-leaved tree in a field. It was made in 1978. David R. Huchthausen made the sculpture. The colors are sort of blended.
Oirase Ravine (Autumn) It was made in 1983, and was created by Okuda Gensó. It is displayed in the Yamatane Museum of Art, which is located in Japan. In the painting there is a flowing river that is surrounded by red and orange trees. There are very bold colors and lots of texture and form in the water and the trees.
Autumn Flowers The painting was created in 1867, by Alfred Stevens. It now is in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium. A girl is staring at a vase of autumn flowers, and knows that fall has arrived. The entire painting is dark.
Autumn Leaves Yokoyama Taikan made this painting in 1931. The painting is split into 12 sections. It now hangs in the Adachi Museum of Art. A giant orange and red tree is sitting on a cloud, floating above a couple islands and the ocean. The bold colors on the the tree show that the tree is the most important object in the picture.
Credits: All media
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