A World of textures

All of the pieces chosen, demonstrate a great detail of textures within the  artwork. 

I really enjoyed the detailed used within this piece to convey the texture of the trees just by using neutrals.
There is deep detail up close but its interesting how they keep up with the textures that are far away. For example the horse actually looks like it has hair even though its in the distance.
The break down of the crawfish gives great detail to the structure and extrusions with its shell.
The scales are visibly defined and are even more detailed given the lighting that reflects off of certain point along its body.
This animal study went into depth on the textures on each animal, especially the armadillo and the bird.
The deep shadows and hard lights help define these feathers.
The neutral tones and browns give off the feeling of wood and bark that the artist portrays within this piece of work.
There was great attention to detail within the stones long the path. Even the trees are pushed with colors and shadows to give a vivd depiction of the textures within them.
The buildings are given a grainy look which pushes the eye to almost see them as photographic because the texture is so spot on.
Even though this is a simple scene, there is great detail and time put in to ensure that the reeds look almost photorealistic.
The viewer can see clearly the veins and the folds within the flower which show great texture.
This is an abstract piece yet the cabbage is put into great detail. Choi definitely used shadows and folds better portray the object.
Each object, even though are very different and very separate, are each given very different and very separate textures that give the viewer a certain feel for each object.
I really enjoyed this piece. The flow of the portrait in general is created by the smooth flow applied to the fish.
This was a cool picture to me because I can't really put a finger on what the structure is but I can easily spot that it has a stone texture. The moss also adds to the effect of the piece.
Credits: All media
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