Landmarks of the world

This gallery showcases many of the world's most famous landmarks, both past and present, in both photograph and art.

This is a piece of art of the Sydney Opera House, showing a rower in the nearby Sydney Harbor. The art was made for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The building is one of the most popular opera halls.
The following is Duffy Square in Times Square, New York. It is a still image of the bronze statue of Father Francis P. Duffy. The statue is a standout of one of the world's busiest tourist spots.
The following is an art piece of the Stonehenge monument, in England. It is a watercolor portrait, drawn over black chalk. The monument has become a popular English tourist spot.
The following is a depiction of Berlin's Brandenburg Gate. In the city, it is considered second only to the Berlin Wall in terms of significance. The gate has since been considered a bastion of unity.
The image is an oil canvas painting of Paris' Eiffel Tower. The tower, itself, has become a huge European tourist spot. It is also the tallest monument in the country of France.
The art is an ink and color piece of China's Great Wall. The monument was erected as a means to keep invading troops out. It has since become known as a "wonder of the world."
This piece is a watercolor portrait of the Roman Colosseum. The arena, itself, has since become the archetype for future stadiums and arenas to come. Despite prolonged decay, the remains still stand.
The following is an early photograph of the Sphinx in Egypt. Much like the Colosseum, despite decay, it still stands. It, along with the Pyramids, are synonymous with Egypt's lineage and history.
This piece is an ink painting of Japan's Mt. Fuji. The mountain is the highest in Japan, standing just over 12,000 feet. It is known as a true symbol of Japan, exemplified with its snow-capped cone.
This is a still image of the US Capital Building. Unlike the White House, the President does not undergo his business here. This is the home for the US Congress, instead.
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