Craig Massa's: The Colors of Nature

Nature shows its natural beauty in many ways. One of those ways is by changing its colors all 4 of the seasons. In Summer and Spring, it give off warm colors and in Winter and Fall, it gives off cool colors. The sun's rays reflect off of the colors of nature making it most unique out of anything man can create. 

The artist here focused more on the essence of nature itself rather than the artwork itself. He uses cool colors to show a peaceful and calming atmosphere.
A close up rendition of a flower is present and could symbolize the purity life. The artist payed close attention to detail and shading through cool colors like the shades of green and the dark whites.
A more stylized painting of a mountain landscape from the viewpoint at the bottom of a valley. The dull and low contrast of color give it a melancholy feel to it which sets the overall tone.
The artist is closely studying the attention to the color that the light is reflecting from the water and the landscape around him. This painting uses both warm and cool colors to present its overall mood
This is a depiction of an island jungle scene. The low contrast of the colors mixed with the cool colors gives this an overall calming feel to it.
An artists rendition of a cold, dismal winters day in the dutch countryside. To get the viewer to realize the focus of the season, visual clues with the baron trees and the use of cool blue and dark green colors give the illusion of Winter.
A creepy overall painting of a cemetery. By using both a high and low gradient contrast, the artist is able to create their creepy mood/tone across through the canvas. By using minimal and dark tones, a dismal feeling is created.
The artist in this photo paid close attention to nature around him when painting this lakeside scenery. Cool colors are used here to let this painting give of a calming and serene feel to it.
This artist wanted to capture the natural beauty of the Lackawanna Valley. The sun really brings out the green color in the valley and the use of cool colors gives this painting a serene mood.
A calming,recreational picnic is depicted here. There are no dramatic poses and most of the poses seem to be in a relaxed pose. With the light blues and dark and desaturated greens, the artist is able to make this painting focus more on the natural beauty of the environment around the characters rather than having the characters be the main focus.
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