Harmony in people and landscape

For my gallery I chose to go with the theme harmony. I chose this because I think that there are a lot of paintings out there that are blended together really nicely. I think that the paintings that blend together the best are landscapes. I have a lot of works by Claude Monet. In my gallery there are going to be lots of art works. Even though all of them are put in the same section for landscapes I think that they all can be separated into different divisions. Like some of them might be something that you find in your backyard or some of them could be a general street. I hope that you enjoy my gallery.

This is a really pretty painting in my mind. I think that it looks really light and beautiful. The pastel peach colors blend nice with the green and the blue water.
I chose this painting as a harmony painting because I think that the bright flags and the dull background really blend together.
I think that this painting by Mary Cassatt shows harmony because the mother and the child go together well. The only thing that sticks out a little bit is the outfit on the baby.
This is just one of the pictures that I think blend together really nicely. The colors go together great and it really does say harmony.
I think that this painting goes together good because it is mostly made out of pinks and reds. Like for example the red background the pink dress and the light pink skin. Also the orangish red hair.
I like this painting because I think that the people in the white clothing and the white flowers in the garden blend together nicely. I also think that the pathway and the leaves go together also.
When I look at this painting the first thing that I think of is wow this really blends together. I think the thing that blends them is the pastel colors and the way that they used them throughout.
I really like this painting and it is a very common picture. It is something that you would see everyday. Everything I think just blends together with the dresser and her hair.
A lot of the pictures by Mary Cassatt have a lot of pastel colors in them but I think that the pink in this picture is really brought out. I like it a lot and think it blends nicely.
This picture of the cliff is really nice. I think that all of the brown colors in the rock go really good with the green and blue colored water. I love the texture of this and think that blends to.
This is a darker picture and I think that is a good thing when I look at. I think that the darker blues and the the lighter blues blend together good with the white and the yellow.
I would say that this is one of my favorite pictures because of all of the pretty flowers. I think the pink and the grass are good together but the only thing that says discord is the outfits.
This picture by Van Gogh is really good. I think that it looks really realistic and it blends nicely. This is a really gloomy picture and I think that It blends nicely because of that fact.
This is a really simple picture but I think that it goes together good because it only has a few colors and I think that it is a good thing. The colors blend great.
I think the trees and the ocean with the beach go good together. It's a great example of putting things together that you wouldn't think would blend.
This has a lot of vibrant colors in it and when I hear that I wouldn't expect it to blend good but this painting does.
Even though this painting only has about 2 colors I think that it blends nice. I mean how could it not.
This is a really pretty picture and I think that it generally just blends. I think the things that make that happen are the trees, grass, and flowers. The people just top it off.
I think that this is a darker painting for sure. All of the browns and blacks blend together. The only bright thing is the yellow. I sill think that it blends though.
This is another dark picture. I think that the dark grays and blacks actually are a great example of harmony. Even the little bit of orange and yellow look really good and brighten it up a lot.
Claude Monet has a lot of paintings and I think most of them are painted with pastel colors. When I think pastel I think that the colors all blend together. I think this is pastel.
This is a quite simple picture but it shows a lot of harmony in different sections. Like as you can see the people and the sky go together. Then you have the grass which is made up of different green.
Their is not a lot to this picture it is pretty simple and I don't know how you could look at this and think that it doesn't blend together. I mean it's pastel.
This is a really cool picture and I think that all of the light colors go together nicely. Like the orange and the pink go together and create a great sunset. Then you have the sun that tops it off.
This is another picture that is kind of separated into different sections. But I think if you look at them all in general they blend.
This is a very vibrant painting. I think the bright color like the pink green and the blue look really good.
I have this painting in my house and I think that the different colors of green and the yellows go together nicely.
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