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I love the way the pinter represents the nature : the trees seem very real but the sky is captivating because of its shape and of the different colors.
One again, I really enjoy the colors that Claude Monet used to paint. The landscape seems really calm and beautiful. These high trees show us the grandeur of nature.
I like the way Renoir painted Paris. The city seems really green and cosy. A lot of people are walking in this amazing city. I also love Renoir technique of painting.
I love this painting. The landscape, the little bridge, the trees, the water lilies, the colors, I like everything in this painting. Giverny's garden is a really peaceful place near my house in France
I love Degas' painting of dancers because they show all the elegance and the beauty of dance. The little girl movement reminds me my dance class and how much I love this discipline.
I have never known why but I like sunflowers. They represent the sun, the heat, the summer. They are beautiful and big flowers and I appreciate the way Van Gogh drew them.
This baby makes me laugh. His posture is really realistic, and his body too. His face seems less real but I like the way the artist made it.
This temple shows the grandeur of the Ancient Egypt which is, for me, an incredible part of history.
This sculpture is really well done. The woman shape is elegant and we can see that the sculptor did a really delicate work.
I love the way Claude Monet paints. The effects he gives to the painting make it really realist. The effect of snow gives us the impression of a cold and calm winter day.
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