When I look at this this picture, I see all these different size realtionships that are taking up the picture in all sorts of interesting ways, as in it's comparing the size realtionships from one part to another to the whole. As you can see, there are these 3 little girls, I am assuming under the age of 12, with big flowers on top of there heads. Then they are looking at this big, long foresty mountain and felid. When I first looked at this, I really liked it, but didn't get what it was represtenting right away. But you think about it more, and really take in the picture, you can see what I mean. Think about it: LITTLE girls, under the age of 12, SHORT hair, zoomed in to look BIGGER. BIG feild looking a little SMALLER. BIG mountain looking SMALLER to. BIG flowers. Are they normally that size? The camera is really zooming up on the girls, who are defidently smaller than the mountian. The flowers are pretty big to, but when you look at an everyday flower, are they really that big most of the time? No! That exactly what proprotion is! And it's what the photographer intended!

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