Growth by Michael Hrechka

As shown here you can clearly see the passion coming from the walls. Jumping off the canvas and coming towards the viewer. The viewer happens to be a anyone who passes by the art. You can not help yourself when you go by this art you must take a deeper glimpse into the wondrous world of your mind.

This piece is a giraffe reaching for his food, and it emphasizes on how far of a journey it is to reach the top of trees. The movement in this piece of art is translated form his neck swirling around and coming towards the viewer.
The artist is signing his name and how he wants to be represented in the community. The movement in the letters is being shown by overlapping each other and coming towards the camera.
In this piece of art it is what you can visualize, I see a road in the distance and a river at the front of that road. The movement comes from the direction of the path and the water.
The destruction of the community is getting out of control we need to do something about this mess. The letters wrapping around the room moving in a continuous pattern.
This graffiti is to express a message towards a community, it’s not just any graffiti it uses bold colors to offset other work. The movement is from top down then spurting out form the bottom of the letters drawing your eyes away from the work.
The tiger and hunter show the competition between the message and the artist. The tiger and the hunter are moving from the art, almost jumping through the work, jumping form the wall.
The bold letters jump from the page forcing the message into your face. That is the same reason why I picked this one for movement. The letters are coming off the wall.
This shows the love in the area, the sheep and the lion are getting along. Although the sheep is very surprised. The movement is form the outer corners of the art to the inner corners where there is a focus on the animals.
The air and the water are depicted in this art, the air has flies and the water has fish. There is movement between the two there is nothing not moving in this picture, even the glasses are behind held by a woman.
The relation between evil creatures and those who go to prison for committing crimes are to close. The fight between all of them, everywhere, they are flying around the room consuming all the space there is.
Credits: All media
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