This painting is geometric shape because it has lot of squares and sharp shapes.
The red color pops out and makes people want to take a deeper look at it.
This is an organic painting because it has real life trees in it and makes this picture look organic.
The picture is non-objective because there is squares rectangles and triangles in the painting.
This is a positive and a negative shapes of a picture. The face/sculpture is the main focus and known as the positive shape. The negative shape is the background because it is black and you can't see it
This picture is a rectilinear because it has perfect straight edge lines and a big shape that converts with lines
This picture is a curvilinear shape because the circles are made out of curvy lines that hold it together.
This painting is a low definition picture because the shapes are not made clearly but smudged around the whole place.
This is a representational painting because someone had to look directly at someone/something and then paint it.
This picture is a high definition picture because you can see the painting clearly.
This picture is abstract because when the person made it he looked at a real life example and then he twisted it around and added his own things.
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