Into the animal world: We work hand in hand

This exhibition 'Into the animal world: We work hand in hand', hosted by the art gallery of NSW, has developed new and exciting ways to express both the power of humans and the natural world, and the way they have moulded to the living styles of humans in the past and present. The title has suggested that both the human world and the natural world work 'hand in hand'. This means that humans and animals work together in order to carry out their daily commitments. This exhibit was designed to enlighten its viewers allowing them to engage in an understanding of the contribution of animals in human society, and how animals have had a major influence on the human world. Animals have been used for many generation as a form of transport, for food supply and also, more visible in current days as pets and companions. These images in our exhibit share a relationship with each other as they were chosen to inspire today's society to look after the natural world and be thankful for the many advantages and opportunities animals have brought, and what they have allowed humans to do for centuries. This theme shows how the adaptations of animals in the human world, and the influences of the natural world on human society. The exciting collection of various works depicts of numerous stunning artworks allowing its audience to develop a clear understanding of how animals are evolved into the lifestyle of humans, and how animal characteristics can be associated with the personalities of humans due to the way they act and socialise.

This work evidences the structural Frame
This work evidences the Cultural Frame
This work evidences the Subjective Frame
This work evidences the Post Modern Frame
Credits: All media
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