Elements of art Examples

Calligraphic Lines because the lines are very smooth and are thin at the ends and thicker in the middle, resembling calligraphy.
Sketch lines because the lines look rough and made of graphite, like pencil. The paper also looks like simple paper like what'd be used for sketching.
Thick width, pretty much self explanatory. Also geometric shapes because of the sharp edges.
Warm colors because the only colors used are red, orange, yellow, and a slight red violet like color.
Geometric shapes because the lines are fine and sharp.
Cool colors because of the colors used. Also positive shape because the background is clear and the horse as positive shape because it's the main subject.
One point linear perspective because of the cubicle which guides the rest of the piece.
Negative space shown by the black background which provides a solid negative space. Also real texture, represented by the smooth glass.
Implied texture because the texture of the fur is shown by using shading and value, which are also represented.
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