Ying and Yang - (Artavius Swan)

Contrast and Nature: This gallery includes artworks of great contrast displaying events that occurred under the glowing rays of the sun. Nature is often a beautiful scene on its own, here are a few paintings i wanted to share with you. I will be discussing the strong use of light as well as darkness throughout the entire gallery. Welcome and enjoy! 

The sun is dim in this photo, it appears the dawn is settling in thus the darkness is very heavy on the right side of this picture where as the right side has the only remaining shine from the sun.
This photo shows a young lady holding a pumpkin or perhaps carrying it though a field. The sun shines upon her entire front and the darkness around her feet tell me that the sun is shining directly over her with the only darkness being in the background where there is trees and shade.
In this beautiful landscape image we see more light at the top of the mountains and the darker at the bottom. It looks as if there is a mountain out of our view but its tall enough to provide great shadow for the bottom most part of this image
In this image the sun is shining above the clouds and below almost everything is dark and looks shadowed. The sun appears to be on the right side of the mountains which is why the darkness falls deep.
Another beautiful painting of a hillside landscape where the sun is beaming from behind the point of view. But from the way the darkness falls into the grass you can tell that the sun is shining right behind the trees where the dark grass in the middle of the painting is.
A brilliant and beautiful sunset; this time shining right into our faces. The lights are very heavy in the sky and you can see the shadows of every thing that raises off the ground.
In this photo we clearly observe the sun behind the dancing child and its rays even light up her costume. The trees are where the darkness lives in this photo as they are close enough together that the suns rays do not escape their branches.
In this painting, I see by the dark horizontal lines on the building that there is something in front of them that is just tall enough that when the sun shines on it, there is a shadow cast across the two buildings.
Now this photo requires a bit more gazing to determine where the sun is shining. The lightness in the middle of the mountain hints the the sun is shining through the clouds and it shadows the side of the mountain as it slowly fades by. The darkness laying on the right side of the mountains are shadowed by the clouds.
In this photo the tower of babel looks barely touched by the suns rays. The clouds proved the dark shade on the sides of the building.
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