The Skies of New England

This gallery includes beautiful landscapes depicting known and natural landmarks across the vast country of New York. The artists' choice of colors bring the images to life and brings a sense of realism.

This painting depicts a sunrise coming up above the Hudson River Valley in New York. There is a man standing on a hill overlooking the river valley and watching the sunrise. There is a certain texture with this image that promotes a sense of realism and encapsulates the landscape of New York.
This painting depicts a lake surrounded by mountains and forest while a man enjoys nature. The theme of this gallery is essentially summed up as Natural New England Landmarks, to which, this painting depicts a lake located in what is now New Hampshire.
This painting depicts a sunset over the Hudson River valley. This painting uses a lot of reds and oranges to bring the sunset out and separate it from that of a sunrise, which brings more golden light.
This painting depicts a more mountainous portion of the Hudson River Valley and shows an impending storm bearing down on it. The texture implies a fine eye for detail and brings out the realism of the piece.
In this painting, waves crash into the mountainous rock along Mount Desert Island in Maine. The painting evokes a sense of power in its use of contrasting colors and textures.
This painting depicts Niagara Falls in its enormity. The vantage point is from a hill several miles away and encapsulates the vast landscape of the Niagara Falls region.
The painting depicts a valley surrounded by mountains in what later becomes Albany, New York. The texture of the landscape presents the sense of realness that this gallery sets out to depict.
This painting depicts a mountain peak in the Adirondack region of New England. The foreground contains trees of various styles and colors and almost lift the mountain into the center of focus.
This painting shows a small creek bed winding toward the Adirondack mountain region. This is one of the more detailed paintings in the gallery, using many shades of browns and earth tones to form a familiar and real texture.
This image shows another valley full of trees and meadows with the Catskill Mountains in the background. This image appears to be brighter because of the blue sky making the greens and browns stand out.
Credits: All media
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