Harvard Art Museums 

The Harvard Art Museums is part of the harvard University and comprise  three museums Fogg Museum , Busch- Reisinger Museums and the Arthur M. Sackler Museum.

I like how her face in set up. How it look like shes serious , but at the same time she looks happy
In my opinon this pen box is a small but have alot to say
this drawling makes me fell safe . I think is that way there faces look and the color the artist used
in my opinon i think that this statuette is make people think why is the man face front and not side ways
This painting make me fell unhappy
I how This painting uses there colors and how the person is place
This make me think a building was set in Rome
this make me think of how eypt would make the potters
I think the message that artist wants to show is how this painting make you fell sarrow
This make me think how this would be in a church in the middle of the mass
Credits: All media
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