The Sea Spray: A collection from 1867-1887.

My name is Morgan Peck and this gallery shows various seascape oil paintings dating between 1860-1877. These oil paintings are not similar in theme nor style but I believe they capture the true beauty and power of the sea that the artists felt and wanted to express.  

The moon shining through the clouds give a sense of naturalness to the scene. The bring moonlight and the lighthouse contrasts with the dark silhouettes of the passings ships through the harbor. Monet's use of contrasting colors shows his passion for painting moonlight scenes as well as nature scenes. The short, choppy brushstrokes give the image life and movement.
Gustave Courbet had a passion for painting seascapes and aiming to capture their natural beauty. The use of cool and harmonious colors one can feel the movement of the sea. This painting was created in 1867 by Courbet capturing the crashing of the waves with the use of color and texture.
This painting on the normandy beach by Carl Fredrik Hill uses blotches of color to emphasize the seascape as well as texture. The use of light and relaxing colors gives the viewer the sense that this image was of high importance to Hill.
This oil painting by Courbet shows the power and ferocity of the sea. The singe wave was inspired by Japanese color prints that were popular in Europe in the 1860's. His use of think paint and aggressive strokes gave the true feel of the power the sea truly holds.
This painting by American Artist William Haseltine captures the true beauty of the city Capri's sunrise. Haseltine known for landscape paintings captured the beauty of sunrise using warm and harmonious colors. These colors give the painting a warm and happy feeling to it capturing its the true beauty of Capri.
Boats at Sea, Sunset by Manet was influenced by Japanese woodblock art during the 1800's. Manet painted this painting using soft, light and harmonious colors to give the feel of depth on the seas horizon. The only dark colors are used to emphasis the silhouettes of the boats on the water.
Edwards Moran's oil painting of the New York Harbor uses color and scaling to give the sense of depth. The artists subtle and small strokes give the images a sense of movement. His use of darks and grey colors show an average day at the harbor.
This impressionist painting by Dupre is a restless seen using color and texture to give the painting movement and life. The dark grays and browns as well as the artists blotchy strokes give the painting texture as well as movement. This movement helps the viewer feel the roughness of the ocean and its storms.
This painting is somewhere along the coast of Scotland depicting everyday life of the local fishermen. Duncanson's use of straight lines and brushstrokes give a sense of sharpness. Also the artists use of perception to give the mountains the feel as if they go on forever.
This paintings use of light and cool colors give the ocean a sense of serenity. While the scene is serene you can see the gray storm clouds rolling in. The use of the gray seeping in from the left give the painting movement to the stormy sea.
Credits: All media
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