Roman Mythology Art               By Antonio Abbatiello

Roman mythology is traditional stories about the roman empire origins and religion. These stories were represented in literature and visual art such as sculptures and various paintings. Roman mythology has many similarities to greek mythology. Many of the hero's and gods from roman mythology were the same as the greek gods such as Hercules while others such as Neptune was based on the greek god of the sea Poseidon.

The Modello for the fountain of Moor is a sculpture that was a replication of the Fountain Of The Four Rivers by one of the greatest Roman Baroque sculpture Gian Lorenzo Bernini which was created in 1653. The Modello for The Fountain of Moor was larger then Bernini's sculpture and created was marble.
Mars and Venus Surprised by the Gods was an oil painting on copper that was created between 1606-1610. Mars and Venus Surprised by the Gods was created by Joachim Anthonisz. Wtewael. The oil painting depicts Mars and Venus in bed while Cupid the god of love and Apollo the god of the sun reveal them to the other gods.
Mars and the Vestal virgin is an oil painting done on a canvas. This piece of art was created in 1638 by Jacques Blanchard. Mars an the Vestal virgin depicts the ancient roman god Mars finding a women in the woods where he ravished her in her sleep and she later gives birth to the two founders of the city of Rome, Romulus and Remus.
Venus and Cupid is a sculpture made of copper. Venus and Cupid was created by Circle of Jacopo Sansovino. It was created in about 1550. In this sculpture Venus is looking down and reaching to cupid who is besides her on a dolphin attempting to reach up at venus as well.
Marine Gods Paying Homage to Love is an oil painting done on canvas. It was created sometime between 1616- 1655 by a french artist named Eustache Le Sueur. The painting Marine Gods Paying Homage to Love depicts the goddess Amphitritesitting in a shell with Neptune above as a boat departs.
Neptune with Dolphin is a sculpture created sometime after 1623, it is thought to be made in the 17th century. The sculpture was made of bronze. It is one of many sculptures the was based on Gian Lorenzo Bernini's work. It depicts Neptune holding his trident and a dolphin underneath him.
Farnese Hercules is an engraved painting. It was created in 1592 by Hendrick Goltzius. This piece of art depicts hercules leaning on a rock with two people standing in front of him staring at the very strong god. It is an engraving done based on a statue Goltzius saw in Italy.
The Feast of Venus is an oil painting on a canvas. It was Created Between 1636- 1637. This artwork was created by Peter Paul Rubens while he was in Italy.The Feast of Venus is a painting that depicts a gathering of various gods and goddesses with the main attention focusing on Venus.
The Nurture of Jupiter is an oil painting which was created in the mid 1630's. It was created by Nicolas Poussin. This piece of art depicts the story of Jupiter growing up. In this painting Jupiter is on a mountain with his mother who is hiding him from his father Saturn.
Venus and Cupid is an drawing which was done using black and red chalk with a brownish wash.It was created in 1636. This painting depicts Cupid and His mother Venus standing together. Cupid is holding his famous arrow while Venus is pointing to let him know who to strike next.
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