Stories of past still present

This gallery will show artwork that tell stories of the past. Generations from different provenances and over generations have passed on stories to help shape and teach lessons and meanings to life lessons through larger than life stories.  

This piece represents a story of Elephants in need. They were in need of water and when lead to water they were killing off the hares and the hares tricked them to leave using their moon god.
This artwork is about a story of blind trust coming back to haunt you. A carpenter with a camel who let his camel roam tied a bell to keep track and let him roam free. The bell was a target in the end
This is a piece that shows a story of not judging too quickly. The mother came home to a bloody mouth mongoose and killed it not knowing it killed the snake saving the baby at home.
Trust is a major aspect of life. This piece shows that perfectly by the monkey who never trusted the crocodile too much in order to save his life. Trust has to be earned and one must watch their back
This busy, colorful piece is about the trickster getting tricked. A classic the good guy always wins story. When one is smart and observant and honest he will keep the bad away naturally.
This is another depiction of the monkey and croc story. It is the same story of being careful who you trust but is just in a different view from a different person.
Jealousy is something life is full of. This shows the crows thinking the owls didn't need to be king and using persuasion to get the other birds to not vote. Leaving the owl angry making them enemies.
Trying to be someone you are not is where people go wrong. Being yourself is the most important. The story in this piece is about an ass trying to be a tiger. You always end up revealing yourself.
The piece here shows a story of one revealing his plan and thinking his enemy is weak and dumb. Knowing who and what you are going against is key as well as staying alert.
This piece also shows a story of staying sharp and know peoples motives when dealing with them in your life. The lion was tricked by the rabbit saving the ret of the animals habitat from the predator.
Credits: All media
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