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: Nicoletta Kraft 

Blue glazed figure of monkey seated on ovoid base.Body in the round,head at right angles to shoulders,ears pierced,hands extended grasping unidentified object supported by one footand resting on base
Blue faience statuette of a seated frog on roughly square base. Front legs in the round. Eyes in high relief covered with Manganese. Three stripes of turquoise blue glaze run down the back.
Fragment of polychromed tile with bold decoration of mandragora fruit and leaves. From a circular or semi-circular composition. Green, yellow, brown details
large Fatimid ceramic bowl with birds and palmettes. Signed by the artist Muslim. From Egypt, 11th century. D. 37,5 cm.
Attic terracotta doll with movable limbs (plangona). Similar figurines have been found in graves and sanctuaries and are interpreted either as childrens toys or as associated with marriage deities
Credits: All media
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