By Paige Bischoff

This is the Statuette Of Apollo made about 300 B.C. by unknown. This is currently in The J. Paul Getty Museum but was made in South Italy. Apollo was the son of Zeus and was the god of music. Apollo stands holding his kithara which is a stringed harp like instrument. No one is exactly sure what this was made for but back in that time period statuettes of gods were made for gifts to the gods or to be buried with the dead as a funerary offering.
This is the Statue Of Zeus Enthroned that was made around 100 B.C. The maker of this piece is unknown but it is in The J. Paul Getty Museum. Zeus is one of the most known gods, he is the god of sky and thunder. This statue is made out of marble and shows Zeus sitting on a throne. This statue would be in a wealthy Greek or Romans private shrine.
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