Cassandra Martin


This Bowl I used for harmony, because it has darker tan color on the lip of the bowl and in the center has a lighter tan, and the whole bowl has a cool intricate design all over it.
This jug has a lot of variety I though it had a lot of different textures and different shades of blue through out it. It has smooth parts and bumpy some throughout it has circles and ramdom designs
I am useing this for patter because if you look it keeps repating and that is what pattern is, it goes flowers to green, and even a little bit of a yellow line in there and it repeats all around
I used Emphasis because I think it stands out it draws you eyes attention to the middle and also draws you eyes into the center of the glass sculpture, and that is what emphasis is
This was a really good represantion for color, I think that the color really reflects off the sculpture and at diffrent angles you can see diffrent colors comeing off, blue, yellow, orange,red, etc
I thought this was a really good one for balance. it is symmetrical, it is bigger at the top and smaller at the bottom and it is just right to be still standing straight.
This one is really good for texture because you can see how it feels and it has cutouts and how it looks like it feels, and all of its visual texture, texture is when it feel the same as it looks
I picked this because the forum because you never see anything like this. The forum and shape is very detailed an the begging and at the end, and it goes out at the end and it starts at an ombre.
I thought I put it with value because it has a value of diffrent of greys and the end it is light and in the middel it get darker and a couple black lines through out the middel and its just diffrent
This one would go really good with line because it has to start somewhere and then end somewhere and it is a path the dot takes and you can see it in this sculpture.
I thought this was a good one for shape because it was really good almost perfect shape because shape is 2 dimentional with aera, length, and width.
I though this one was really cool but also it matches proportion, proportion is the size of one thing to another. as you can see the top is way bigger than the bottom, the bottom is small
This one is unique i am using this for rhythm because if you look at it, its looks like it is moving like water or something its going one was and that is exactly what rhythm is.
I feel like this is a really good one for movement the guy is leaping or swimming and movement is actual motion or action kinic impetition of motion or the idea.
I feel like this sculpture one represents space, space is aera and around or within objects and inside the wires is positive space that is within and then out side is all of the negative thats aroudnd
Credits: All media
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