red madness                 jason novo

This gallery consist of nothing but red paintings and other art pieces. Red is the theme of my gallery because red is my favorite color. Red represents many types of moods and feelings. Anger, war, blood and love. In this gallery I will be expressing these moods with 10 different paintings and art works. 

This is a painting of a woman wearing a red dress. The woman looks as if she could be dancing. The red represents her in a loving mood and her wanted love.
This is a painting of some lilies. The flowers are painted as if they are real. So the lily flowers are red while the stem is green. The red flower shows love and any woman would love some lilies.
This painting is a portrait of a young woman. The young woman is wearing a red dress and a red hat. The red is this painting shows that she is very formal and maybe ready to dance or party.
This is an apple. The artist painted ever single detail of the apple and the branches and leaves. When anyone sees an apple the first thing you think of is the color red.
This is a school building from around the 1930's. It's a simple building roughly the same size as schools were back in that time era. Schools are mostly made of brick which is why the artist used red.
This vase is from the mid 18th century. The vase looks like it can be filled with flowers for decoration. The artist titles is ox blood which makes us think it was painted red with blood from an ox.
This is a typical painting form the 1960's. It is a farm scene somewhere out in farm country. The red in this painting represents the barn because a stereotypical barn is red.
This is a man of power. We can tell this because the cloths he wears and the way he stands. The red on his jacket shows he is a man of war and a man who loves victory.
This painting shows a man and his small child in the middle of a battle. The flags represent on side of an army and the man and maybe son are afraid. The red flags show war and how bad war is.
This painting shows a small village in the middle of the woods. The village is located somewhere in China. The red trees show either fall weather or something bad is about to happen to the village.
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