Artistic reform

Abby Folker

1.) Painting is from the inside of a cove of some sort looking out at a shipwreck in the water. 2.) You can tell this is romanticism because of the portrayal of the completely natural cove and coast along the background of the painting, no industry or technology in sight. Even the wrecked boat appears simple more basic, it isn't a steam powered battle ship, but a plain wooden boat. 3.) I chose this painting because I like the perspective, as in how its from the inside of some cave or cove looking out, and it also is of water and I want summer.
1.) Painting is of a small stream/waterfall/cliff covered in mosses and surrounded by nature and forestry. 2.) Representative of realism style because it is a very detailed and realistic looking depiction of a mountain stream. 3.) This painting stood out to me because of its very realistic nature. While scrolling through Courbet's works this one really struck me as the most real looking so I picked it.
1.) Painting is of the Rouen Cathedral shrouded in an early morning fog. 2.) Has visible brushstrokes and dabs of paint that can also be seen used to create the unclear view of the cathedral through the fog. 3.) I chose this painting because it looks both real and not at the same time. His depiction of the cathedral is blurry and not very detailed but because of the brushstrokes used it really seems like it looks that way from the fog, not from just plain lack of detail to the piece.
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