American Colonial Art

A look into the ideology of colonial art and the reasonings behind the creation of the artworks and or what the artist used.

This shows the ideas of the people at this time with their great strides in science. It demonstrates the sophisticated man and how great the people were that shaped the foundation of what is now the U.S.A.
This is the all out mayhem and chaos from what was the American Revolution. The colors they use are vibrant reds, whites, and yellows and the sorrow with dark blues and black.
This painting has subtle colors that don't take away attention from the rest. Except for the child's red shoes and all of the girls rosy cheeks trying to display innocence.
This uses plain colors like brown and blue and depicts a man building a fence. This was one of the struggles in the colonial times, hard work to try and begin a new life in the new world.
This is a working man, a blacksmith welding and hammering, doing his hard job which shows the american spirit. The light from the fire draws you to it and illuminates the man and the night sky.
This painting displays the brilliance of Washington as a general and his superiority. The use of brighter colors draws the eyes mainly on Washington as if he was welcomed with a door to heaven.
This shows the beauty of the new world before it was tainted with pollution and deforestation. The colors are of nature trying to conceal the man in the art and bring out the greatness of the waterfalls.
This displays the importance of nature and family with the people living and corresponding in peace with each other. This is also shown by the person resting and just enjoying the scenery of the water and mountains.
This painting displays the importance of family, sophistication, and luxury of this time. The colors illuminate around the people and uses mainly brown, red, blue, and white.
This drawing displays the result of war, hard work and dismembered soldiers. There is no color at all in the drawing besides the gray graphite and the white of the paper.
There are men all together talking to each other next to the beach where the Revolutionary war had ended. There is a vibrance in color with the men and a subtle and relaxing usage of colors for the background.
This is a split in half watermelon that seems to be distorted with the other half next to it and a small item I can't seem to identify. The artist used a pinkish reddish blend for the watermelon's insides and an appealing green for the outside.
This picture shows how much the art in the 1800's was based around beauty and grace. The woman's face seems to be pure, smooth, and delicate with much poise and elegance.
This picture has a native american wearing a traditional feather headdress with a necklace that has a man on it that seems to be a gift. This has a dominant color of skin color peach with a red that appeals to the eye.
This is a cultivating and serene look of the land, the mountains, and the sea. There are villagers living their everyday lives with the absolute most dominant color being green.
This is a well detailed painting of the forested area where there is a shack, the ocean, and a man on a boat. The two dominant colors are green and yellow showing a lot of effort in the trees.
This is a painting of a fox who is native to North America that has a pigeon dead because it was hunted by the fox. There is a fence in the background showing civilization is close with dominant colors of brown, black, and green.
This is a painting of a civilization of Flamingo and Ibis in a marshland of sorts. The Scarlet Ibis and the Flamingo draw your eyes to it while the other birds blend in.
This is a bust of a founding father of the U.S. Thomas Jefferson and a former president. This shows his elegance of man with the clothing he wears and the look of his eyes because he is thinking.
This is a bust of a man by the name of Pius VI Braschi with a almost concerned look on his face. This bust has much detail in the eyes and the design of the clothes.
This is a statue of a child showing the despair of the winters in the new world for the incoming settlers using a bronze material to create it. There was many people freezing to death and many were concerned for what will happen as the winters were getting colder with not much warmth near by.
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