Art Through the Years

The art collection that i had made includes a group of many  different types of art work from many artist through out time. 

The texture of the art work is sketched. At the bottom of the art work its says, "This is my beloved son". Which would imply that a father most likely sketched it for his son.
This is a Oil on Canvas painting. This picture gains veracity from portraits, which Trumbull made from life. Often Trumbull was linked with his paintings of the American Revolution.
The technique that Gilbert Stuart used in this painting is a grisaille technique. This technique was often used with grey or grey like colors. It is mainly used in large decorative schemes.
This drawing is done by Thomas Sully which was a quick sketched before the actual art work that would finished. This was done by pen and brown ink over a graphite on grey laid paper.
This oil on canvas painting is a self portrait of Herny Clay.
An oiled on canvas painting is hung in The Museum of fine Arts in Houston, Texas.
The art work is a sketch done with a charcoal and white chalk heightened with white on pinkish-tan paper, squared in order to transfer to a painting later on.
Paining of a story form The Old Testament. Allston used the landscape to convey the mood and meaning of the story. The infertility of the desert's terrain is made vivid by the painting's gritty texture.
This self portrait was done by water color on ivory. The artist Samuel F.B Morse is only known to have essayed miniature painting while in collage.
In this early portrait, Rembrandt Peale indicates the strong magnification of Peale’s lenses, carefully depicting the way that they enlarge the corners of his eyes. All done by oil on canvas.
quality canvas print using state of the art high precision print technology
The way the artist manged to draw the watermelon juice dripping from the fruit demonstrates the artist's remarkable skill in rendering textures.
This portrait is known to be a part of a pair of pendant portraits. Usually painted in sets. The portrait is assumed to be done of a husband of wife. Peale painted the second button from the top, on the viewer’s right, twisted at an angle to make it catch the light.
This picture is has very great depth and many layers stacked on each other. It's an Oil and graphite on canvas
An Oil on canvas of the Virginia Landscape
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