Guzior Paintings Clare 209 Sum 1

I love looking at things in a grand scale. So, I'm a fan of scenery, whether it's a city scene or out in a peaceful place. If an artist as the ability to paint a scene, rather than a picture, then it impresses me even more.

I love the city. Although I've never really like older or vintage things, this one caught my eye. You get a real feel for what you would be looking at during the time period.
I go camping every summer and our site is right on the water. So this has a personal connection for me because it reminds me of my campsite.
I once read a book about a fishing crew out at see and got caught in the middle of a hurricane. I don't remember the name. We don't always think of the ocean as a dangerous place, but it can be. This appeals to my darker side.
I'm color blind. Not in the sense of where I can only see in black and white, I can see colors, it just gets hard at times to tell the difference between some. I just thought this was interesting.
This also reminded me of my campsite.
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