the beauty of antiques

 This world is filled whit amazing antiques found all over the world made throughout the passing of the year, in this gallery I present a collection of some of these antiques.

This beautiful vessel is a rare piece from the sixteenth century, it's made out of glass and it's extremely rare and only one of the three existing in the world.
This is a pocket sundial from the 17th century, It was used to tell the time of the day by the position of the sun. It's made out of wood, and has Symbols drawed and carved into it, as well as a pattern
A fancy clock from the 15 century made of gold, it could resemble clocks that wealthy people may had on that time.
A vase from the 16 century whit a woman painted on it sitting on a rock whit a landscape in the background, indeed a wonderful piece of art carved into vase.
A globe from the 15 century whit angels painted in it.
A clock made after a human skull showered in gold whit silver around the clock and marble used as a base.
This is a glass chalice made like a melting ice cup and adorned whit glass flowers on the handle.
A tea set all made of gold, wonderful antique which could be represented as set's which the rich or royalty people used.
A Chinese hexagonal bowl whit a story painted on each of it's sides.
This is a German Renaissance banqueting cup for admission into the goldsmiths' guild in Augsburg.
A colorful vase detailed and colored whit flower like patterns and trees
A water jar from the ancient greek whit a painting of what looks to be someone playing the arp.
A mug made out of glass and stained silver
a wonderful sculpture of the eagle made by Wilhelm Schimmel who used wood to carve it in, and proceeded to paint it.
Another ancient greek vase whit a painting of angels conflicting between each other.
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