Red Hues

I chose this piece because aside from all the other colors, the red sticks out the most. It is the most eye catching part of the piece. 
The center which I assume is the sun really ties the whole city together, along with taking the complete focus of the picture. 
This painting is just so colorful, I love it. Among all the other colors, the red is the most vibrant, and really brings the whole painting together. 
I just love how simple this painting is, the bright red just gives it the perfect about of loudness to still be considered simple. 
I'm not entirely sure what this painting is, but the deep red just makes it seem so violent. 
The red in this piece just shows compassion. 
The sun in this picture is the focal point. The bright red makes up for the black and white colors of the city. 
This picture has so much green, that the red clothes of the workers just ties it all up beautifully. 
The red color used for the bark makes the dark green that much more vivid. This is probably my favorite painting. 
The red right next to the blue makes the red looks so much deeper. This paintings contrast of light and dark amazes me. 
This picture freaks me out but I love it. The contrast of light and dark red is beautiful.. Even though i think the picture is a creepy baby. 
Without the red, this picture would be boring. The red just makes it look so intense. 
This picture has very little red accents. The contrast of cold and warm hues just amazes me. The red hue is what makes the cold hues pop. 
The red in this picture almost takes me focus off of the big horse in the middle. 
This picture is so dark. But the bright red jacket just gives the man so much personality. 
Credits: All media
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