John Kroposki, Brad Bicsak, David Bicsak

This is a wine cup from 500 BC. It was created by Apollodoros, this cup was painted after a battle at the city wall. It was very rare to see this setting in Greek art. This was made in Athens. Its made from terracota.
This is the Red Figure Lekythos. It was made in 420 to 400 BC. It was made by Meidias a greek painter. This was made out of Terracota. This was made in Athens Greece
This was created in about 520 B.C, it was created in Athens, Greece. It was painted by painter of Munich. In the middle you can see Dionysos standing tall.
This is the Greek hero Herakles Wrestling Triton. It was created in about 520 to 510 bc. This was painted in Athens Greece, it is made out of Terracotta.
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