Egyptian Art

In these five pieces of art, you and I will travel through ancient  Egypt using their art. 

This piece of art which is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is made of ivory and bone. Usually ivory was used to make furniture, but in some cases it was used artistically.
This Scarab ring made of solid gold. It now is in the Pforzheim Jewellery Museum. The ring looks like a beetle of sorts and was crafted by a Greek goldsmith.
This oliphant, meaning elephant in medieval French, was crafted from African elephant ivory, one of the most precious materials used in medieval art. Although oliphants looked like hunting or war tools they were mostly used as display items. This delicate, abstract ivory piece of art is now in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
This is Nakht's Book of the Dead and through these beautiful illustrations and stories. This papyrus work of art can now be found in the British Museum. The vignettes include scenes showing Anubis taking Nakht towards a false door, the offering place in the tomb through which the spirit of the deceased entered and left the next world.
After the palace at Knossos was destroyed in 1375, many plaster fragments were found years later by excavators. While most of these found pieces are in the Herakleoin Museum, this one is show cases in the British Museum. It is there because in 1906, the excavator of it, Arthur Evans, gave this piece to the British Museum. The fragment comes from a group of miniature frescoes depicting bull-sports. At first glance it is difficult to make this out, but with a closer look, you can make out the image.
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