The Era of Renaissance

BY Thomas Tejedor & Izaiah Salinas

"The Miraculous Draft of Fishes" has very detailed fisherman with their clothes and how they are muscular. Not just the front of the picture is detailed but also the background with the buildings. You can see reflections in the water and ripples. Also how the birds move in the picture. This all shows humanism from the renaissance.
The "Superficial anatomy of the shoulder and neck is a great painting because of how detailed and how greatly shadowed everything is. It shows how much the artists in the rennaisance era used actually human science in drawing. It also showed how They knew how the body moved and where the muscles would bend or stretch. The artists would use this knowledge to make their paintings the amazing paintings we know today.
This painting is a good way to show how the artists and how people changed in the Renaissance. This show the religious views of the people in Renaissance and how they changed. The bodies are all blended well with shadows even though they are all white. People could also tell how the clothes movies accordingly to the person.
This is also a good painting because of its fantasy. In the Renaissance many people were able to obtain books and write fantasies. This shows the different type of style in the Renaissance. You can also see how the horse is showing muscles in his legs and you can see his muscles stretching as he jumps. This shows how in the Renaissance the art was more advanced than before then.
The "Bacchus and Ariadne" was an amazing painting that showed how muscles and the clothes or the people are flowing around each other. Also how the proportions of the bodies are normal and are normal compared to the rest of their bodies. The animal nature and animals of the picture also shows the fantasy in the Renaissance.
In the "Genie of Victory" you can see how the stretching. is showing all of the muscles on the person who is standing over the lower person. You can see the abs on the winning person. Also you can see how the bead on the person is falling towards the place it is supposed to be scientifically instead of artistically.
This is an amazing sketch of a person that is very detailed. all of the drawing is made up of lines. You can see how the light darkens and lowers where they need to be in the beard. This also shows how artists are being more realistic in their drawings during the Renaissance era. You can barely see the viens in the neck as he is turning his head also his lips are very detailed. You can see the curved lines on the lips.
In this painting you can see how the person is falling and their clothes are going the exact distance they should be going, They are creased at the right places they should be. The ansi are falling to the ground and creating shadows they should be. Also in this painting not just the front i what you can pay attention to but the background of them. This shows humanism that was found in the Renaissance Era.
This women is a good way of showing humanism in the Renaissance, the body is creating shadows where they should be and everything is going under and over where it should be. The humanism in this painting is showed by the clothing and the woman face. On the robe you can see how she is holding it and it is creating wrinkles and on here face and neck the views on the neck and the wrinkles on the right side of her face.
This picture shows how in the Renaissance they had a new religion and the creativity and the new fantasy created in the Renaissance. You can also see how well the Michelangelo envisioned some of these "devils" . All of them had the same type of body structure. They all bent the same way and had the same type of feet. They could have wings and tails. This all showed the religion, creativity, and fantasy created newly in the Renaissance.
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